Sustainable investments towards health - our approach

November 17, 2021

Sustainability & Investments: Our Approach to Health

The danger climate change poses to human health throughout the world is increasingly evident – as COP26 has brought into even sharper focus – and the COVID-19 pandemic is harsh proof that no one is immune to the ‘disease’ of global health inequality. Quite simply, improving global health is one of the most urgent priorities of our age, along with the fight against climate change.

With such high stakes and daunting challenges for the world community, many are wondering what more they can do. Well, doing your bit might be simpler – and more rewarding – than you realise.

Making a wise financial investment – such as through Collegia’s sustainable pension funds – is one way.  Our funds invest in companies addressing global health needs in a variety of ways.

Some of these innovative companies are broadening access to affordable and high-quality care, while others are promoting overall physical and emotional well-being.

Our funds are also invested in companies increasing overall agricultural yields, helping ensure a sufficient supply of food. As the global population grows, improving access to nutritious food and clean water is ever more vital.

Sustainability and responsibility are at the heart of everything we at Collegia do.

But so too is providing a world-class pension, where members can achieve a good return.

In-depth research helps us identify those companies possessing the dual virtues of addressing healthcare challenges in a way that produces strong financial returns.

One such is Apollo Hospitals, a company helping change the face of healthcare in India as it operates the country’s largest network of private healthcare services using pioneering technology.

India’s healthcare problems are complex, with an ageing population fuelling a rapid rise in chronic diseases, and poor healthcare services infrastructure. An important opportunity exists to improve things, which is where Apollo Hospitals comes in, driving patient catch from smaller clinics and doctors’ offices in smaller cities and rural areas, through to higher-end hospitals. With broader healthcare access and a large population of middle-income consumers, India’s healthcare spending looks set to grow which will no doubt benefit Apollo Hospitals as they support the drive for improvement in the country’s health.

A business package to handle a pandemic

Collegia sustainable funds also invest in companies helping to fight COVID-19. Vaccines, treatment and testing may dominate the news, yet managing and trying to stop the virus requires innovation in a wider variety of fields.

Pennsylvania-based West Pharmaceutical Services, a supplier of drug packaging and delivery services, supports treatments, diagnostics and vaccines relating to the pandemic. Innovative West Pharmaceutical products such as their SmartDose, which allows patients to self-administer important medications, are likely to grow interest in the company.

West Pharmaceutical is also working to ensure packaging components capacity for leading treatment and vaccine developers with products such as its FluoroTec rubber drug packaging, which it believes is a safe, compatible and effective solution for vaccines.

COVID-19 has highlighted the need to bring new drugs to market quickly and safely, and this is a need West Pharmaceutical is well-placed to meet.

If you’d like to find out more about our approach to sustainability, and why sustainability makes sound financial sense, please see our blog outlining how we’re playing our part. For more on our approach to the climate crisis, read our blog on that topic here.

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