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From Oxford, with love

We met during our post-graduate studies at the University of Oxford, when we experienced first-hand the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) strike in 2018. It was remarkable how even people renowned for their knowledge (of almost everything) were utterly confused and frustrated with pensions.

We quickly realised the frustration we encountered in Oxford was present throughout the UK. Regardless of profession, education or age, more than 30 million are unsure if they’re saving enough for retirement.

In our conversations with those saving for retirement, at retirement and even employers paying a pension to employees, one theme showed up time and again: pensions are overcomplicated, full of financial jargon and too much hustle.

They were telling us that a new approach was needed. But which one?

Back to the basics, the meaning of Collegia

Collegia is the plural of Collegium, civil societies in the Roman Republic that first created the concept of a pension. They arose from the need citizens had to provide for their future, when they would not be able to work in the fields as they used to. There was almost no finance involved. We chose this name for two reasons.

It is a plurality, relating to the fact that we serve each person in their unique retirement journey.
It also relates to the purpose of pensions: to help you with the concrete goal of achieving a comfortable retirement.
Finance is only an instrument, a means to achieving the ultimate goal of financial freedom at retirement.

Collegia, in a nutshell, is the plurality of individuals confidently planning and saving towards the retirement they want.

“As in all successful ventures, the foundation of a good retirement is planning."
Earl Nightingale

What we stand for

In anything we do we first ask ourselves “Why?”. We ask it twice. And then a third time. The Whys are what drives us.


Being honest and candid is the only way of doing business the Collegia way.


We like to always challenge ourselves. This is how we constantly improve.


People are the focus of everything we do. Each and every single person matters.


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