Take control
of your future

More than 30 million people in the UK don’t know if they’re saving enough for retirement. Collegia was created by our experts to help you take charge of your future.


More than a pension, your personal retirement planning tool

Our sleek and intuitive platform helps you plan and predict your retirement by showing how each one of your choices affects your future.

Because your retirement is more than just a number

We project not only how much retirement income you’ll have, but also what you’ll be able to do with it – groceries, holidays, going out, etc.

A pension that fits your personal choices

You select when you want to retire, how much you want to invest and your ethical preferences.

We take care of the rest!


Invest like the pros in a few clicks

We only work with the best. Our investment partners, AllianceBernstein, have more than $500,000,000,000 in assets under management and over 50 years of experience in investment management.

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We appointed Pitmans Trustees to independently check if we’re delivering on our promises. We publish their yearly findings and promise to act on their recommendations.


One retirement,
one pension

You can supercharge your retirement planning by inviting your employer to pay their pension contributions into your Collegia account

Your pension,
your ethics

We believe your personal views matter and should be reflected in your pension.

For your and the planet’s future

In Collegia Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) considerations take centre stage in the investment decisions

Fees that make sense

Our fees were designed so that: you maximise your retirement pot and we are sure that we can keep a high quality always improving service.

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Get automatic top ups from the government

For every contribution, we automatically collect a 25% pension top up from the UK Government. If you put £100, an extra £25 is added to your pension.

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