Fees that make sense

Our fees are designed so that you maximise your retirement pot and we are sure that we can keep a high quality always improving service.

Our fee structure is very transparent:

Contribution charge
A one-off charge of 1.7% on each new contribution to your account. This charge is not applied to pension transfers to Collegia.

Annual Management Charge
0.1% of value of pension, charged every year

Fund Charge
An annual charge by the fund manager actively managing your pension – the standard one is 0.3% of the value of your pension

Set-up, Transfer and Exit fees: £0
Collegia is free to set-up and transfer your different pensions to us. We also don’t charge you in case you decide to close your account and transfer your pension to another provider.

Our fees are very competitive

Investment fees are notoriously difficult to understand. To simplify things, there is a measure called ongoing fees – how much on average the total fees charged represent of the value of your pension. We use Fee QuickCheck, the free and independent services that collects data from 100 investment managers to compare our fees.

The table below compares our fees with competitors’ based on investing £10,000 for 20 years at an average annual investment return of 5%.