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Can your clients name their Auto Enrolment pension provider? How about their employees? Collegia helps employees understand the benefits of their company pension scheme. Employers can show they care, and you (their advisor) can shine. All for free.
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A world class pension combined with a personal retirement planner

The Collegia app allows members to take control of their pension, with one account for all their employed and self-employed needs. Our retirement planning tool – based on the contributions members are comfortable with and the ethics they care about – shows what kind of retirement they can expect, down to how much they’ll have to spend on groceries and holidays. Scheme members can see how their pension is performing and how their expected retirement lifestyle changes over time.

For our shared future, people and planet

By default, the Collegia app invests employees’ money in companies that are highly rated for environmental sustainability, relationships with stakeholders, attitudes to human rights, supply chain labour standards and the countering of bribery. Controversial industries, such as fossil fuels and coal, are avoided. It is also possible for employees to downgrade their sustainability score and choose less strict considerations that will guide their pension and retirement - but ESG integrations will always be there.

Our funds are managed by AllianceBernstein, one of the world’s most trusted investment firms, ensuring your employees get a good return on their investments.

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FCA regulated, HMRC-registered and FSCS-protected

We are directly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and do not operate under anyone else’s umbrella license. We are HMRC-registered pension administrators, and Collegia is a HMRC-registered pension. All investments are wrapped in long term insurance contracts, bringing 100% FSCS protection.

A 21st century pension with 21st technology

The Collegia Pension leverages the best in AWS cloud technology. Data in our application is always encrypted, even when sitting in our databases. It uses AWS Private Network to protect data and our servers run in at least two locations at the same time, guaranteeing an average 60 seconds of downtime in the unlikely case of failure. We can also integrate with your payroll software via secure APIs.

Different pension schemes rolled into one

Research shows that the average UK worker has worked for multiple employers and has spent time being self-employed meaning they are more likely to have a variety of different pensions. Collegia is a personal, Auto Enrolment, workplace and self-employed pension, all in one single account and easy to use app. One pension for one retirement - the ultimate portable and flexible pension that reflects modern working life.
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Getting into the details

Here are some explanation about how Collegia works.
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Switching clients to Collegia is a piece of cake

You can sign up clients in just a few clicks and our specialists and integration partners will help you every step of the way.

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