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Choices that make sense

When you hail a ride sharing app you don’t have to select how much fuel will be used or the exact car model. Rather, you choose the level of comfort and from where and to where you want to go. It is the same with Collegia.

Based on when you want to retire, contributions levels you’re comfortable with and ethics you care about, we show you what kind of retirement you’ll be able to afford and invest your pension in a manner that reflects and respects your choices.

Investments that change with you

As a rule of thumb, your investments at Collegia are more adventurous at the beginning of your career. As your retirement age approaches, they become more cautious.

This allows you to efficiently build your pension savings when you’re young, while slowly preparing them for your retirement as it gets closer.

Your Collegia pension reflects where you are in your personal retirement journey.

For our shared future: people and planet

By default, the Collegia app invests employees’ money in companies that are highly rated for environmental sustainability, relationships with stakeholders, attitudes to human rights, supply chain labour standards and the countering of bribery. Controversial industries, such as fossil fuels and coal, are avoided. It is also possible for employees to downgrade their sustainability score and choose less strict considerations that will guide their pension and retirement - but ESG integrations will always be there.

Our funds are managed by AllianceBernstein, one of the world’s most trusted investment firms.

Getting into the details

Here are some explanation about how Collegia works.
Collegia sustainable target date fund range
Collegia target date fund range
HSBC UCITS Common Contractual Fund Islamic Global Equity Index Fund

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